Spin Magazine:
March 1992


It's big, it's scary / It's been done before," mutters Janet LaValley ominously on the title track of this groovy LP, offering an accurate if incomplete summary of her combo. The lush melodies emanate from easy-listening heaven, but Eric Brosius's guitar burns with anguish. The creamy vocal harmonies and three-dimensional arrangements encourage headlong escapism; the desperation of the lyrics reveals a world of pain.

Don't worry. Abort's unsettling vignettes of misery and degradation are rendered with enough style to keep cheesy melodrama to a minimum. The thundering "Daddy's Home" offer's a kid's-eye view of a boozy pop, while "Payphone" quietly unmasks a violent boyfriend. Elsewhere, thrill to the agony of alienation ("Easter Dinner"), the stupidity of decadence ("Joyride (I Saw The Film)"), and plenty of old-fashioned loneliness ("Tied" et al.). Singer LaValley's occasional tendency to over act, coupled with Tribe's confident grooves, suggests the band could slide into pompous self-importance with out adult supervision. Right now, however its aim is true.

Jon Young

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