Honey - The Boston Club Zine
December/January '94

Live Review by Seth A. and David A.

Tribe wtih Sidewalk Gallery at Avalon December 10th

David A: So Seth A:, what'd ya think of the show? I've gotta say, I was impressed...

Seth A: Well D, I am beginning to understand the attraction and mystique behind the Janet LaValley persona. Tribe put on a first class show.

D: Yes, yes. Everything worked - the sound, the room, the crowd and the band were top shelf. Love this job man, gettin to see one of my favorite Boston bands, gettin to hang out with them and then write about it. I'm afraid though that our review this month might be a little friendly on my end, so I'll leave the objective journalism to you!

S: Kudos to Tom for pushing the limits of excellent sound. Avalon is a great place for an ear massage. I was suprised that I recognized as many songs as I did... Tribe has some excellent tunes.

D: Strong songwriting indeed. There are many strengths in this group - smart guitar playing, Janet LaValley's incredible stage presence (a given) and good backup vocals all backed by a solid rhythm section. Speaking of that, man, there was some violent drumming going on last night! One broken bass drum, one pair of flying eyeglasses... I was really lovin' the drummin'. They really seem to enjoy what they do.

S: Very tasteful guitar playing indeed. Eric has a real touch. He never overplayed yet somehow kept it all interesting. I'm not familiar with the catalog as you are, Mr. D., enlighten more with some tune names, my brother.

D: They opened with the title track to their new album "Sleeper," then went into "Here at the Home," from the "Abort" album, then, to tell you the truth I didn't really keep track. They played many familiar songs like "Abort" and "Joyride" as well as a big chunk of tunes from "Sleeper." Keyboardist Terri Barous took center stage to sing lead on "Rescue Me" from "Abort." The end of the show saw the band play some old material from back during Tribe's infancy. Musta been a cool thing for the hardcore fans... and by the way, that _was_ "Sweet Home Alabama" you heard!

S: Thanks for the lowdown. Sidewalk Gallery did a fantastic job of warming up the crowd. I guess bands avec twins are pretty hot right now... Kim Deal & Co. don't seem to be suffering. "Silver Chain" is really a great little ditty. It deserves a lot more airplay. Anyhow, those guys can play. Berklee certainly produces some serious musicians.

D: Great harmonies with that group. I'm glad I finally saw them play. There were a good choice for an opener. I wonder, where was that gorgeous cello player that I've heard so much about?

S: Couldn't tell you D., but I'm surprised your eye even wandered! Wasn't Janet enough to satisfy your manly appetite?

D: Uhhh, yes she was...

S: I respect your silence, my man.

D: Anyway, I'm psyched that there's some momentum behind Tribe lately. A video for "Supercollider" is in the can. I got a chance to speak to the band about it, and apparently they went down to the actual Supercollider facility to film it on location. They were very happy with the final cut. I hear it looks amazing.

S: Didn't I see Tribe on Conan? That's a pretty good gig these days.

D: Yea, the Conan show is really good about showcasing new bands. They say it was a great low key vibe playin' that show.

S: Yea, it was cool to see Tribe is grounded in reality. A true bunch of mellow, cool individuals - they dig computers and stuff. In fact, you can E-mail them at "" if you're on the Internet.

D: All and all, another good night out. No real complaints except for the drink prices! A great homecoming for a Boston band. After coming off their west coast tour I bet it was great to have such a large, receptive crowd. So Seth A., who we gonna write about next month?

S: We'll take it as it comes, David A., but I'd like to extend an invite to the Janet LaValley admirer who passed the charcoal sketch onto the stage - send us some work and we'll make sure you get "honeyfied."

D: Yea man, send some stuff in... Well Seth A., should I say it, or do you want to?

S: I'll take it as usual... We gots to spread. Happy new year, y'all. Peace.

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