Tribe - ep
TRIBE - ep
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© 1987 Rutabaga Records


1. Abort
2. Pinwheels
(Terri / Greg)

yesterday I was thinking
it's a good time to change
progress the future
it's happening it's ok

one day like another
something to mend
it's tempting to press on
when will I reach the end

sometimes evenings
problems two-fold
I know how to solve them
why go overboard

it's big it's scary
it's been done before
I have to say I can't remember
ever having been before

I'm trying still trying
I'm really trying it's fun
I'm moving still moving. . . moving
what of it

Come with me meet the blind one
She knows you're here when you reach the landing
It's quiet here no pictures on the wall
Her eyes gone she'll not forget you

Watch with me watch the madman
He laughs he cries he's his own man
Just imagine pinwheels in his head
If he could paint them he'd be a rich man

It's time to realize
It seems I have survived
I've spun my line
I've done my time or haven't I

Walk with me see the chairman
Below his knees he's got delrin
And he's got test patterns burning in his head
If he could shake them he'd be a free man

See your friends former children
They hide their scare you cannot see them
And there is no way of knowing how they'll mend
There is no way of knowing how they'll mend

3. Vigil
(Janet / Terri)
4. Lemmings

Tossing and turning as your sheets wrap around you
and your breathing is peaceful but your sleep is unsettling
Slowly and steadily your memories start spinning round
and you try hard to follow you will want to remember

The breeze moves the curtains as it passes your arms and
you stir as it passes but you can't really feel it now
Something is different the colors are shimmering
and your breathing gets quicker and your arms start to stiffen

You know that you're sleeping and you're sure that you're sleeping
under certain conditions this could be terrifying
Movement and quality are somehow in harmony
and you might like to linger but you're feeling kinetic

As I awake from deep slumber
Been so long since I went under
Hot on the trail of happiness
It never crossed my mind to ask whose
Vacant smile have I been using
Trying to decide what I've been doing
Look around at all my playthings
Eighteen percent a year for nothing
Seems to me this is not my own dream
This was sold me while I was sleeping
Now perhaps I should kick and scream
Before the lemmings carry me out to sea

And I can remember
When I was much younger
I could find
My good time
Without trying
I was fine

Produced by TRIBE
Recorded June-September 1987 at TriPlane Recording. Engineered By Jeff Leavitt. Mixed By TRIBE and Jeff Leavitt. Mastered and pressed by World Records, Ontario Canada. Sleeve design by Steve Spelman.

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