Tribe - Here At The Home
TRIBE - Here At The Home
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© 1990 Rutabaga Records

1. Daddy's Home
(Terri / Janet)
2. Rescue Me
(Janet / Eric / Terri) Vocal: Terri

When he's not home
Means we move around as we please
But when he gets home the blood that's in my head will

A big bottle's empty
Another one is still full
And when that's all gone someone's sure to get it
in the end

And when he's home it's not a home
It's just a madhouse anyway

It's two o'clock
Mom says we can stay home again
But at six o'clock we'd rather be at school

A hand looms higher
Than a little face, it's 'cause
He knows this child wishes he wasn't here

He knows how to make me feel tragedy
He's clever
He senses many ways to quiet me
He's crafty

Hurry up, hurry up he's calling
He's waiting for me down there
Hurry up, hurry up he's calling
He cannot wait to tell me

I will rescue you

He does not accept my reasoning
He's angry
He suspects his charms are failing him
He's anxious

Hurry up, hurry up he's calling
He's learned a perfect rhythm
Let me in, let me in he's sorry
He's sure I'll swoon when I hear him

3. Jakpot
(Janet / Terri)
4. Here At The Home

Ticket in my hand I'm waiting
Thinking this will be the time
Imagine it will all be mine
Far away I'll drink and dine
Spend the night in cities open all the time
My eyes will shine

All in all I can't pretend
It would be wise
To try my luck again

Deep inside I'm smiling just because I know
Uncle Sam he runs an honest show

All in all I can't pretend
It would be wise
To try my luck again

The jakpot's up it's up again
It towers over mortal men
And just to think that if I win
I could alter who I am
And I know that in the end
If I don't win I'll try again
And I feel good I'm doing my share
The profits go to Medicare
And I'll be standing here in line
Spend my money bide my time
The jakpot's up it's up again
I can cash in I can still win
I can cash in
The jakpot's up it's up again
I can cash in I can still win

Come on in now get warm
Don't bring yourself to harm
You know the light is always full

Be of good cheer now somehow
You can forget for now
You know your glass is always full

Now you've jumped in a whim
It's time you learned to swim
You know it's time you had a try

In a bad film you careen
Driven from scene to scene
You know the camera always rolls

Please don't complain it's plain
You have yourself to blame
You knew this would be suicide

Could it be so, oh no
Back in your bungalow
You know the light is always on

Down here at the home
Dusting/Mopping/Pruning/Weeding your yard

5. Tied
(Terri) Vocal: Terri
6. Outside

Well look who isn't here, didn't say good-bye
All that leaves is us without so much as a good reason why and Well guess who isn't here, can you believe that guy?
A promise to him is like a million other lies
How long have we waited here, and who has the time?
We can't sit and wait, we will feel like we were left behind
Was he so great a man, didn't say good-bye
Good riddance to him like this Armageddon

I'm tied to him
Like sea to sky
And I'm torn

What's that you're saying there, do you think I'm blind?
I know what you think, you think I fell for him like quite a find
Well that's not it at all, no I'm just fine
It's you I'm sorry for, with your scheming little minds

Well look who isn't here, did he say good-bye?
I know what you think. I know what you think
Dosen't matter anyway, it comes as no surprise
That's just what happens here in Armageddon

Through the windshield, on the footbridge
They cling to each other at the close of day
They've not a care for the crush of traffic
Their captive audience, they say

Look we've each other
What more could we ask for
We're right where we want to be

And my heart skips and I twist a little
And the light's green and I drive away

I think who knows
What it is what it might be
I know anything goes
I've been there don't remind me

All kinds of twisted thoughts
They're swirling through her head
She's already wondering about the baby
And look at him, watch his eyes
Who knows could be
He's already gone for the weekend in his mind

So here I am
Looking around
Everything's moving
In all directions
The wave inside
The wave inside

So here I am
Looking around
Everything's moving
In all directions
The wave inside
The wave inside

All on my own
Sun is shining
Distance stretching
Now I feel
Now I feel
I'll stop my crying

All on my own
Hard rain driving
Bright light flashing
Now I feel
Now I feel
I'll hide my smile


7. Pinwheels
(Terri / Greg)
8. Vigil
(Janet / Terri)

Come with me meet the blind one
She knows you're here when you reach the landing
It's quiet here no pictures on the wall
Her eyes gone she'll not forget you

Watch with me watch the madman
He laughs he cries he's his own man
Just imagine pinwheels in his head
If he could paint them he'd be a rich man

It's time to realize
It seems I have survived
I've spun my line
I've done my time or haven't I

Walk with me see the chairman
Below his knees he's got delrin
And he's got test patterns burning in his head
If he could shake them he'd be a free man

See your friends former children
They hide their scare you cannot see them
And there is no way of knowing how they'll mend
There is no way of knowing how they'll mend

Tossing and turning as your sheets wrap around you
and your breathing is peaceful but your sleep is unsettling
Slowly and steadily your memories start spinning round
and you try hard to follow you will want to remember

The breeze moves the curtains as it passes your arms and
you stir as it passes but you can't really feel it now
Something is different the colors are shimmering
and your breathing gets quicker and your arms start to stiffen

You know that you're sleeping and you're sure that you're sleeping
under certain conditions this could be terrifying
Movement and quality are somehow in harmony
and you might like to linger but you're feeling kinetic

9. Lemmings
10. Abort

As I awake from deep slumber
Been so long since I went under
Hot on the trail of happiness
It never crossed my mind to ask whose
Vacant smile have I been using
Trying to decide what I've been doing
Look around at all my playthings
Eighteen percent a year for nothing
Seems to me this is not my own dream
This was sold me while I was sleeping
Now perhaps I should kick and scream
Before the lemmings carry me out to sea

And I can remember
When I was much younger
I could find
My good time
Without trying
I was fine

yesterday I was thinking
it's a good time to change
progress the future
it's happening it's ok

one day like another
something to mend
it's tempting to press on
when will I reach the end

sometimes evenings
problems two-fold
I know how to solve them
why go overboard

it's big it's scary
it's been done before
I have to say I can't remember
ever having been before

I'm trying still trying
I'm really trying it's fun
I'm moving still moving. . . moving
what of it

Here At The Home - Jakpot - Tied:
Recorded at Hillside Studios Englewood, NJ
July - November 1989 Produced by TRIBE
Engineerred by Dae Bennett & Dave Kowalski

Daddy's Home - Outside:
Recorded at Downtown Recording, Boston, MA
Mixed at Normandy Sound, Warren, RI August 1988
Produced by Greg Hawkes Engineered by Joe Cuneo at
Deontown and Phil Green at Normandy

Rescue Me:
Recorded at Fort Apache South
Boston, MA
November 1989 Produced by TRIBE / Paul Kolderie

Recorded on 4-Track in our basement, December 1986
Produced by TRIBE Engineered by Jeff Leavitt
Lemmings - Pinwheels - Vigil:
(from ep "Tribe") Recorded June-September 1987 at TriPlane Recording. Produced by TRIBE Engineered By Jeff Leavitt.
Cover by TRIBE / Gayle Robertson Front cover: Photo of Flowers, Studio Tech / Andy Swain Design by Hal Wilson / Digital House Ltd. CD Production by Digital House Ltd.

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