Extremely hard to find mp3's of Tribe's first album "Here At The Home", demos the band where working on for the follow-up to Sleeper back in 1993-94, 1987 demos, the "Payphone" B-side "Goldfinger", Pinwheels 91' (which was rerecorded for Abort and ended up on a b-side) and two Greg LoPicolo solo tracks.
So far we have a Tribe show from the Channel in Boston which was broadcast live on WBCN, a Hampton Beach Casino show from August 19, 1993, Tribe's last show from the Orpheum Theatre, Tribe's Rumble appearance and a few others. If you have any live Tribe recordings you would like to share with other Tribe fans please e-mail our webmaster (Steve [At]

You can see Tribe's videos "Joyride (I Saw the Film)" & "Supercollider" on this page. Click to the next page to see a few live videos of Tribe. Click to the 3rd page for information on all of the videos. The Tribe Video Channel includes the a bunch of Tribe videos including their appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. You will also find an entire concert from Avalon Ballroom in Boston. All of the files can be downloaded from the video channel. If you have any Tribe live videos you would like to share please
e-mail our webmaster (Steve [At]

Many different interviews that Tribe did with various radio stations.

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