The Boston Phoenix
April, 1994


Call them the Commitments of Boston. Just as they were poised on the
brink of national recognition, the venerable rock quintet Tribe announced
last week that they're calling it quits after nine years.

In an e-mail message posted April 21 on their Internet-based electronic
bulletin board, bassist Greg Lo Piccolo confirmed that the band are
breaking up. "We've been working on this project for most of our adult
lives, and we've made music that we're all very proud of, but it's time
to turn our energies toward some other pursuits."

One of Boston's most popular bands, Tribe earned a rabid local following
with their effervescent mix of pop and dark lyrics. Their music
garnered critical praise and won them three Best Music Poll awards for
local rock act. Lead singer Janet LaValley won the best local female
vocalist award three years running; _Abort_, the band's major-label debut,
was named best local rock album in 1992.

Although their three albums -- the self-produced _Here at the Home_, and
_Abort_ and _Sleeper_ -- were strong sellers in the Boston area and drew
local critical acclaim, Tribe were never able to break onto the national
scene. They came closest with "Supercollider," their eerie tribute to the
Texas nuclear-research project. The song got national airplay and landed
them on _Late Night with Conan O'Brien_.

"Some of us may reappear in the future in other projects, so don't count
us out completely -- but as Tribe, we're packing it in after we play the
shows that we have booked," Lo Piccolo said in his e-mail message. That
means the two remaining opportunities for area fans to see them will be
tonight, April 28, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Alden Hall (with
Letters to Cleo) and Sunday May 8 at the Orpheum, when they'll be opening
for James.

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