The Boston Globe:

Slash/Warner Bros.

Boston's Tribe is poised for national stardom, but this may not be the disc to get them there. It's an uneven effort, hampered by an often poor sound mix in which Janet LaValley's (in photo) vocals are mixed too low, muting her power and rendering many lyrics inaudible. LaValley is a belter, but she often comes off as belting into a fog. She's sinfully undermiked on the disc's most torrid rocker, "Crawl." She's better on the U2-ish "Supercollider," the surprise piano ballad "Nevermind" and the roiling title track. Some other songs, however, suffer from vapid clutter (the insipid "Dogflower") and unfinished ideas. The band wants to be more experimental, but often lacks the snap shown on their fine last album, "Abort." The star of the new disc is guitarist Eric Brosius, who has come into his own as a hard-charging rocker (no trouble with the mix on his instrument) and sound effects wizard. But this album could and should have been better. Let's hope the songs ignite more sparks when Tribe plays Avalon next Wednesday and the Paradise next Thursday.

Steve Morse

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