Working on Video Games

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From the credits of the Theif video game (32,268 bytes) Eric Brosius & Greg LoPiccolo from The Dark Project Website (41,709 bytes) From the Theif video game credits (27,546 bytes)
Eric Brosius working at Irrational Games (50,681 bytes) Eric Brosius working at Looking Glass Studios (early 1999) (41,852 bytes) Terri Barous working at Looking Glass Studios (early 1999) (41,446 bytes)
Eric Brosius from the Moby Games Website (49,751 bytes) Terri Barous (55,232 bytes) Guitar Hero creators Greg LoPiccolo (from left), Eran Egozy (15,608 bytes)
Guitar Hero (Harmonix Music Systems / Microsoft Game Studios) - Eric Brosius, Kasson Crooker (71,053 bytes) Mike Dornbrook, Eran Egozy, Alex Rigopulos & Greg LoPiccolo of Harmonix  (67,938 bytes) Eric Brosius at the 2007 Game Developers Choice Awards (40,840 bytes)
Greg LoPiccolo at Harmonix Eran Egozy, Eric Brosius, Helen McWilliams, Greg LoPiccolo, and Alex Rigopulos (from left) Eric Brosius at Harmonix

Photographers: Various

Some of these shots where sent
in by Freeman & Kevin McCarthy.
Others I found on the Internet.

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